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About Goodwill's Computer Recycling Program (CRC)

Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania became the first Goodwill in the nation to establish a formal computer recycling program in 1995, when Carnegie Mellon University donated its inventory of used computers and provided technicians to help launch the Computer Recycling Center (CRC).

The agency’s involvement in computer recycling grew significantly in 2006 through a commercial partnership with Dell, Inc., one of the world’s largest computer manufacturers, called Reconnect Pittsburgh. The Reconnect Pittsburgh alliance with Dell is a comprehensive computer recovery, reuse and environmentally responsible recycling program that combines Goodwill’s donation and retail infrastructure with the recycling experience and resources of Dell.

Your Donations Power Our Programs

Goodwill collects donated computers and transfers selected equipment to a Dell product recovery partner to be refurbished and resold with proceeds coming back to Goodwill. All computer recycling proceeds support Goodwill's job-training and education programs to help people improve their quality of life through work and related services.

Individual Computer Donations

Goodwill offers FREE, safe, easy and environmentally responsible recycling of computers and electronics. Goodwill is able to provide this service through a partnership with Dell Reconnect that aims to provide residential consumers with a safe place to recycle used computers. Dell has industry-leading experience in offering responsible consumer recycling programs that meet the highest standards of workplace and environmental safety.

Working together, Goodwill and Dell are making free computer recycling available to more consumers and helping to raise consumer awareness about the importance of responsibly recycling used computers.

Where Can I Drop Off My Old Computer and Other Electronics?

Public donations of personal computers and electronics are accepted at all Goodwill Stores and Attended Donation Centers (except the North Side Store). A note about TV donations: As of July 14, 2013, Goodwill is no longer able to accept TV donations. Please click here for more information.

What Happens to My Computer Once It's Donated to Goodwill?

Computers that can be refurbished are sold at Goodwill stores, including Goodwill's ComputerWorks store in Lawrenceville. Donating your computer not only helps keep e-waste out of landfills and helps families buy used electronic products at an affordable price, but every donation helps Goodwill bring the power of work to someone in your community!

Important Information about Hard Drives

Neither Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania nor Dell is responsible or liable for personal data or hard drives. Goodwill has a secure facility where computers are disassembled and processed for recycling. Newer computers have the hard drives wiped to the Department of Defense DOD 5220.22-M standard and the hard drives of older computers are destroyed, but ultimately Goodwill cannot take responsibility for confidential information.

If you wish to remove personal data from hard drives and other storage media before donating to Goodwill, a number of free services are available online that will completely erase hard drives.

You may also bring your computer to our ComputerWorks store (125 51st Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201 - located inside of the Lawrenceville Goodwill Retail Store) and we will wipe the hard drive for you and issue a Certificate of Data Destruction. The cost for this service is $20.00 per hard drive. Volume discounts are available.

Business, School or Organization Computer Donations

Goodwill actively solicits donations of “retired” computers from businesses, schools and other organizations, both large and small. Many businesses, schools, and large organizations face an economic and environmental challenge when they must dispose of large quantities of old computers, and other unwanted electronics, in order to upgrade their systems. Donating the outdated equipment to Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania offers a solution that is FREE, safe, reliable and environmentally responsible.

  • FREE pick-up
  • We take ALL computers - no computer is too old!
  • Certified Data-Destruction service available
  • Donations benefit Goodwill's job-training and education programs

What Happens During the Donation Process?

Computer donations are picked up by Goodwill trucks anywhere in the agency’s service area of southwestern Pennsylvania and north central West Virginia. The equipment is taken to the Goodwill Computer Recycling Center in the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh, which processes thousands of donated computers annually. The computer hard drives are wiped clean to remove and destroy any sensitive personal or business-related information.

Some donated computers are refurbished to be sold to the public at Goodwill’s ComputerWorks retail store in Lawrenceville, and some are “de-manufactured” to remove valuable components and precious metals to be sold as salvage materials. Anything that cannot be reused is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

Goodwill Offers Kil-A-Byte Data Destruction Service

If your business requires certification of data destruction, Goodwill offers a Kil-A-Byte Data Destruction Service. Initially developed for healthcare organizations that must comply with the privacy law known as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), it can help any business that is concerned about the security of proprietary information. Customers who choose to use Kil-A-Byte’s services receive a certificate of data destruction from Goodwill’s Compliance Officer confirming that the data has been destroyed.

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