1. Goodwill is a non-profit organization whose mission services are funded by our stores.

Many people think Goodwill stores exist only to sell used items for low prices to people who are on limited incomes. While we are happy we can provide affordable goods, Goodwill is more than just a store.  Our stores exist to support our mission to help people improve their quality of life through work and related services. When you buy goods in our stores, you are funding programs and services that teach job and life skills to people with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

2. This is Bob. He’s our Interim CEO.

Our Interim President and CEO, Bob Stape, has been with Goodwill since 2001. Bob succeeded Mike Smith who retired in early October 2022 and was Goodwill SWPA’s President/CEO since 2002.

Bob is a talented and seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience. He has served in various roles within Goodwill and has been responsible for the overall operations of the organization including the Donated Goods Retail, Human Resources, Risk Management, Loss Prevention, and more. Bob earned his Bachelor of Science in Human Resources from Geneva College and his MBA from Waynesburg University. Additionally, Bob is also a graduate of Goodwill Industries International’s Executive Leadership Program.

Bob's salary is similar to other large nonprofit CEOs in the Pittsburgh region. He is fairly compensated for someone who has a great deal of experience, the responsibility of managing more than 1,400 employees, and the responsibility of ensuring that one of the largest Goodwill organizations in the U.S. is able to fulfill its mission now and in the future. Bob reports to our board of directors. They hold him accountable for leading the organization and ensuring that Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania is fulfilling its mission. 

3. 90 cents of every dollar we earn funds our mission.

When you shop in our stores or donate goods, 90 cents of each dollar earned supports our job-training and employment programs. This is a very healthy number in the nonprofit world, and a solid indicator of our commitment to good stewardship of your donations. 
Our Goodwill offers nearly 50 social service programs in southwestern Pennsylvania and north central West Virginia and the goods sold in our stores help support those vital programs.

4. Our Goodwill is an independent agency.

Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania is one of more than 160 independent members of Goodwill Industries International, including international agencies. Each agency is independently operated and funded. Member agencies must adhere to professional, financial, legal, and branding guidelines set forth by Goodwill Industries International. While we have similar missions, each Goodwill is unique in the programs it offers and how it operates its business, because each of the communities we serve is unique. 

5. You may know someone we have helped.

Most likely, Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania has helped someone you know or have met in your community. We’ve helped thousands of people:

  • Search for a job and develop a résumé,
  • Learn how to interview successfully for a job,
  • Move off the streets and into permanent and stable housing,
  • Develop skills for success in school or at work,
  • Learn how to manage their finances,
  • Secure regular, reliable employment.
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