What is a Community Based Assessment (CBA)?

A community based assessment is a service that Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania offers in order to measure an individual’s ability and readiness to enter the job market. Assessments are brief with a defined time and purpose. As an employer, you will be helping a Goodwill participant gain practical experience and confidence.

What should I know about hosting a CBA?

  • This is the first work experience for many of the participants.
  • All participants are covered by Goodwill’s liability insurance.
  • All participants will have one-to-one observation by a Goodwill staff member.
  • You are never obligated to offer employment, unless you want to.
  • A typical CBA is 16-24 hours scheduled over the course of up to four days.
  • There is no cost to you to host a CBA.

What are the benefits of hosting a CBA?

  • Participants can help with daily activities, reducing overall task loads for your staff.
  • Successful and interested participants may be able to fill your labor needs once the CBA is complete.
  • This is an opportunity for your business to support local workforce development by hosting a participant who is trying to become work ready.

What other things should my business expect?

  • CBAs are appointment-based and are scheduled based on your business operations and the availability of the participant and evaluator.
  • If you agree to host a CBA, a Goodwill evaluator or staff will reach out to you to schedule.
  • One of your employees should be available to demonstrate how tasks should be completed.

Interested in learning more?

Quentin Taraszewski, Lead Employer Engagement Liaison
Phone: 724-961-6801
Email: quentin.taraszewski@goodwillswpa.org 

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