What is the Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation System?

The Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation System (CVES) is an assessment for individuals with blindness or vision loss, designed to evaluate the individual’s vocational competency.

The CVES identifies relative strengths and weaknesses in the areas of:

  •  Learning
  •  Problem Solving & Achievement
  •  Sensory & Motor Abilities
  •  Emotional-Coping & Adaptive Behavior

How does a CVES work?

The CVES system is administered on a one-to-one basis, typically over a two-day period. An interest inventory and select work samples may also be utilized (available in audio or Braille format). Goodwill’s certified CVES evaluator meets each individual to explain the evaluation process and techniques in order to develop an
individualized plan. Interpretation of the assessments is shared at each step in the evaluation, and extreme effort is given by the evaluator to ensure the participant has a clear understanding of the results. A feedback meeting between the participant, referral counselor, and evaluator is held to discuss the assessment results. Upon completion of the CVES, a comprehensive written report is submitted to the referral counselor.

Who is eligible?

This service is available to individuals with blindness or vision loss who are referred by OVR.

Service Availability:

This service is by appointment and is based on the individual’s schedule.

Who to contact:

George Edwards, Program Manager Employment Services
Phone: 412-632-1905
Email: george.edwards@goodwillswpa.org

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