"I’m learning and growing from what the AT program showed me, and I can function and adapt to my surroundings better with the computer programs they helped me with. Goodwill’s AT program is a good resource!”
- Dave

Dave is taking classes toward a new occupation in the IT field after his career as a camera operator ended due to the physical demands. Dave also experiences cognitive and memory limitations, so the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation referred him to Goodwill’s Assistive Technology Program to identify accommodations that can enhance his learning, studying, and memory. 

Dave completed an evaluation that helped determine the best technologies for him, like voice recognition and text-to-speech software programs, and a voice recorder to help him remember class lectures and other notes. 

Once he obtained these products, the AT program also helped him install, set up, and learn how to use them to succeed in his classes and beyond.  Click here to learn more about Assistive Technology.

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