“I like this program. It’s helping me reach my goal of volunteering in the community. I want to volunteer in an animal shelter and work with cats and kittens.”
- Debbie

Prior to Aspire, Debbie participated in Goodwill’s pre-vocational program for approximately five years.  In March 2016, Debbie decided to try out Goodwill’s new Aspire Adult Training Facility for two weeks.  Debbie liked what the program offered and decided to stay in the program.  

She is currently working on vocational and life skills and enjoys going out into the community to gain new experiences and opportunities. Debbie enjoys exploring new things on her iPad and she is also learning how to do laundry and cook.  Debbie is an avid animal lover and loves taking care of Aspire’s fish tank.  Her other favorite activities include chair yoga and book club at the library.