“Goodwill helped me get the start I needed when I came to Pittsburgh.  I didn’t know how I would be able to do it but I knew I had to get away from the situation I was in.  I wanted more for my children and for our lives.  Now we have a home of our own and can feel safe again.”
- GoodStart Participant (name withheld)

GoodStart recently helped a family who came to Pittsburgh from another city to flee a domestic violence situation. Mom had been hospitalized several times in the last year. Things were getting worse, and she had to look out for her children. She knew the best thing would be to get as far away as possible. She had a friend in Pittsburgh who offered her a place to stay for a few weeks. The friend’s husband and three children lived in a two bedroom apartment and adding more people to the mix made for an impossible living situation.  

As the weeks stretched on, everyone was anxious to find their own space.  Things were getting crowed and uncomfortable; the friend’s family wanted them out and mom was beginning to panic.

Fortunately, Mom started her job search immediately after coming to Pittsburgh and it paid off.  She was able to find employment quickly, but finding a three bedroom apartment in the same school district proved to be much more challenging!  GoodStart staff kept the hunt alive, and eventually found an apartment. The family was willing to move in without furniture just so they could have their own space again, but Goodwill helped with furnishing the apartment and providing the basic household items that would allow them to move in comfortably.  Now they have room to spread out, lots of space to call their own and they are all more than ready to start a new life.

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