Goodwill’s supportive housing program helps individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness transition to permanent housing.

Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania provides tailored service delivery to meet the individual or family’s needs with an emphasis on rapid transition to independence. Our qualified, experienced staff guides our clients to increased stability and quality of life through permanent housing.

Our program is unique due to the size and scope of available services:

Goodwill has strategic partnerships that enable our clients to access a broad range of service and supports through a multitude of funding streams, community organizations, government entities, educational institutions, physical and mental health providers, income support providers and employers. Goodwill also provides numerous services including high school equivalency classes, English-as-second language classes, computer classes, job search and placement services, and more.

How it works:

  • Goodwill assists by working with the client to find a nearby community that is a good fit for the individual/family’s needs (employment, schools, etc). Identifying landlords who are willing to work with the program is key to the success of the program and to the success of the individual/family transitioning
    from homelessness.
  • Goodwill assists the client by identifying the barriers that have contributed to their homelessness, and work with the client to develop a plan toward mitigating all the conditions that led to their homelessness.
  • A service coordinator works with clients on a daily/weekly basis to prioritize goals and connect the tenant and family members to additional supports and services.
  • The progress of the client is closely monitored on a daily/weekly basis to determine appropriate level of need. We identify setbacks and/or progress in order to upgrade/downgrade intervention as appropriate.

Our programs:

All individuals must contact Allegheny Link/Homeless Coordinated Entry to be screened for a potential referral to these programs: 1-866-730-2368

  • Harbor II: Rapid Re-Housing program for individuals or couples who are experiencing homelessnes

  • Good Start: Rapid Re-Housing programs for families with children under the age of 18 who are experiencing homelessness

  • Housing Stabilization Program (HSP) for households facing a temporary, non-recurring housing crisis

*Contacting Allegheny Link does not guarantee placement at Goodwill.

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