Are you interested in learning something new about computers or technology? Join our Digital Skills Virtual Classroom to take advantage of self-paced online learning. You can learn about any tech skill imaginable.

What is Digital Skills Online?

Here are some of the things available:

  • Test your skills with our Northstar Assessment platform
  • Watch customized webinars on tech skills for your job search
  • Try some of our 90+ external lessons, including:
    • Typing
    • Coding for Beginners
    • Budgeting with Excel
    • Basic Photo Editing
    • 3D Printing
  • And more!

How do I Join the Virtual Classroom?

To join the virtual classroom, you will need a Gmail account and the Google Chrome web browser. Then, follow the directions here and enter the code qk4nln7.

This is a new service, and additional webinars and training will be posted regularly.



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