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Powered by Goodwill, Mission Logistics LLC will fill a logistical need for the business and nonprofit community while fueling opportunities for social impact.

Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania today launched a new innovative transportation and distribution service that will reorganize and transform its excess fleet and staff capacity into a mission focused fee-based service that provides “fair-profit” solutions for the business and non-profit community. The social enterprise, named Mission Logistics LLC, will initially operate as a commercial operation under the human services non-profit’s umbrella. Unlike most commodity-moving entities, Mission Logistics will allow for short-term contracts and daytime and overnight less than truckload deliveries, filling a gap in the bulk transportation needs of both for-profit and non-profit entities.

“As we look ahead to our upcoming 100th anniversary, we’re proud to be on the cutting edge of social and entrepreneurial innovation,” said Mike Smith, Goodwill SWPA President/CEO. “With its parent organization providing nearly a century of service and innovation, Mission Logistics will not only bolster revenue opportunities, but create new jobs to strengthen our mission of helping all people enjoy the dignity and benefits of work. Companies and non-profits who want to leave the logistics to us and focus on their mission will rest easy knowing that they are also supporting Goodwill’s impactful work.”

Goodwill’s 15 drivers make more than 1,200 pickups monthly. In addition to an aggressive routine safety program for all drivers, Mission Logistics will provide custom training for its employees that are tailored to clients’ needs. In its first year of operation, Mission Logistics will utilize Goodwill’s existing eight vehicle box trucks and two tractors with the ability to move trailers that currently operate at 36 percent capacity. Initial deliveries will include “point-to-point” deliveries of non-perishable commodities such as household goods, textiles, building and printed materials and industrial supplies.

To “fuel” the new entity, Goodwill has hired Mission Logistic’s Director Bob Crytzer, a logistics expert with 25-years of experience who has started and led multiple national and international logistics operations, including at US Steel. In addition to more hours received by their current drivers, the startup plans to hire three new drivers increase fleet capacity expected as business contracts become executed.

Operating 31 stores in 17 counties in southwestern PA and north central West Virginia, Goodwill SWPA uses over 90 percent of its revenue to provide job training and placement programs. In 2015, the non-profit placed 871 individuals in unsubsidized employment, which translates to $2 million annual economic impact.  Revenue netted from the new “fair-profit” service will bolster this mission and of the hundreds of Goodwill franchises throughout the world, Goodwill SWPA is the first to transform its excess fleet capacity into a viable fair-profit entity. 

Goodwill conducted a months-long feasibility study before its board unanimously concluded to launch Mission Logistics. The study confirmed that there is a need for providers who serve the bulk transportation needs of distributors while also operating without a long-term contract and while providing service 24/7.  Funding to build the venture was provided by The Hillman Foundation and The Bank of New York Mellon Foundation.

“We’re excited to see Goodwill optimize its existing fleet and staff in order to meet a business and social need that will generate revenue and benefit existing programs,” said board chair Frank Hammond. “We challenged Goodwill to think ‘outside of the box truck’ – and they certainly did.”

Mission Logistics will focus its first year in business making point-to-point deliveries, carrying commodities between two locations. In the near future, they will offer a range of transportation and distribution solutions including:

  • Outsourcing entire or partial transportation and logistics functions so that clients can focus on their core business or mission;

  • Pool distribution, or aggregating the transportation needs of a given client or set of clients, collecting cargo, then sorting and re-aggregating cargo by various destinations, e.g., to a number of regional branch locations for a single retailer or to a number of retailers within a single complex;
  • Low-cost freight services such as package collection and dispatching for clients needing services that are not time sensitive;
  • Cartage agent service supplemental pick-up and delivery for local zone-based delivery organizations.

Driven by anticipated market demand, Mission Logistics hopes to build a more “green” fleet that would capitalize on programs for alternative fuel and tax credit incentives. In addition, the entity will be adopting or designing logistics planning software that will minimize delivery runs, maximize revenue generative capacity and reduce its carbon footprint.

“Powered by Goodwill’s superior reputation and driven workforce, we envision Mission Logistics becoming a full-service affordable logistics company,” said Smith. 

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About Mission Logistics

Mission Logistics is a fee-based transport service offering companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies 24/7 services to small, mid-sized or large organizations and businesses. As a for-hire contract carrier, Mission Logistics expands your capacity with affordable, reliable, high quality wholesale transportation and delivery services.

Mission Logistics earns its reputation through exceptional service that helps to grow your business. Mission Logistics is a “fair profit” entity. Every dollar we net supports an opportunity for another person in the community to succeed through training, employment and other resources of Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania, a human service agency and network of not-for-profit business helping people overcome barriers to employment and enjoy the dignity and benefits of work and improved quality of life.


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