FREE Flagger Certification Training For Indivudals 18-24!

There is always high demand for flaggers in the construction field. Flaggers protect workers, pedestrians, and drivers. This four-hour certification course will provide you with the skill set to be a safe and effective flagger. Upon completion of the course you will receive a certification that will last four years and also a stipend.

Training will cover:

  • Learn how to be a safe and effective flagger.
  • Understand why proper flagger operations are important.
  • Learn the standard skillset of a good flagger.
  • Apply standard flagger control references.
  • Identify proper flagging signals and procedures.
  • Learn standard flagger practices for various situations

Additional support and incentives:

  • Transportation assistance
  • Financial literacy
  • Interviewing skills
  • Employment services
  • Follow up support
  • Mentoring and leadership skills


Contact Morgan Matthews at 412-632-1742 or

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