Contact: David J. Tobiczyk, Vice President, Marketing & Development, Goodwill of SWPA, 412-632-1942 or

Sarah Maxwell, Communications, Uber, 949-547-8658 or

Trina Smith, Communications, Uber, 425-269-4636,

Pittsburgh, PA -- For one day this spring, donating clothes will be even easier thanks to an innovative partnership between Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania and the popular on demand transportation platform, Uber. On Saturday, May 2, donors can open the app and request a pickup for their donations to be delivered by an Uber directly to their local Goodwill, free of charge. 

Building on the success of previous promotions in the New York, Boston and San Francisco areas, this is the first time Goodwill SWPA and Uber have partnered on a full-scale nationwide campaign to combine the power of donating with the convenience of ordering a ride via a mobile device. The partnership is available in more than 50 cities across the United States and Sao Paulo, Brazil where both Uber and Goodwill operate. 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. People around the country who are spring cleaning will bag up jackets, shirts, pants, blouses and other clothing items to donate to Goodwill.
  2. On Saturday, May 2, donors will open the Uber app and be able to select the GIVE option on the bottom of the screen.
  3. An Uber SUV will arrive to pickup clothing bags, and the driver will drop-off the donations to Goodwill.

The Details:

  • All clothing must be bagged for drivers to accept donations.  Donations of furniture and televisions cannot be accepted.
  • All pickups for the Uber partnership with Goodwill SWPA must be made within the City of Pittsburgh and the immediate surrounding areas.
  • Drivers will arrive at requested pickup locations. Donors are responsible for bringing bags outside, as drivers cannot leave their vehicles unattended.
  • For those who have already completed their spring cleaning and donations, or live in areas where Uber isn’t available, monetary donations can be made to Goodwill SWPA at

Most people tend to do some form of spring cleaning in April, after a winter that was particularly harsh for many. With Goodwill and Uber coming directly to donors, it’s the perfect opportunity for people to clean out their closets and give as much as they can, while ensuring that their clothing can be reused and contributing to a good cause. Goodwill will use the revenue from the donations sold in its retail stores to help fund job placement and training programs in the communities where the goods are donated. 

“This innovative and exciting partnership demonstrates Uber’s commitment to local communities on a national and international scale,” said Michael J. Smith, President/CEO of Goodwill SWPA.   “This collaboration has made Spring cleaning and donating an easy task, while ensuring that their clothing is not only diverted from landfills, but also goes toward supporting efforts to put people back to work.”

“Both Uber and Goodwill strive to make a meaningful impact on local communities, and we are thrilled to once again team up with Goodwill to make donating fast and easy for Uber users,” said David Plouffe, Senior Vice President of Policy and Strategy at Uber. “Those who participate in this campaign are not only checking something off their to-do list, but supporting Goodwill and its mission to strengthen communities by providing job placement and training for people in need."  

For a full list of cities participating in the Goodwill and Uber spring cleaning partnership, visit 


About Goodwill SWPA 

Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania is a diversified human service agency that is supported, in part, by its network of retail stores and other nonprofit businesses. It serves all of southwestern Pennsylvania and manages several affiliate units and special-purpose entities, including Goodwill of Fayette County; Goodwill of North Central West Virginia; Goodwill Commercial Services, Inc.; and Goodwill Housing. Goodwill SWPA operates 31 retail stores and several other businesses to help fund programs and to provide job training and related services to help clients overcome various barriers to employment. It has over 1,100 employees and in 2014 provided services to over 53,000 individuals.

About Uber

Uber is a technology platform that is evolving the way the world moves. By seamlessly connecting riders to drivers through our apps, we make cities more accessible, opening up more possibilities for riders and more business for drivers. From our founding in 2009 to our launches in over 300 cities today, Uber's rapidly expanding global presence continues to bring people and their cities closer. 

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