Goodwill’s Environmental Services and Housekeeping Training Program focuses on training for individuals who have the goal of obtaining competitive employment.

This curriculum-based program takes place Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Goodwill’s Workforce Development Center in Lawrenceville. The program provides both hands-on and classroom training and can last up to one year. Goodwill takes a holistic approach by providing assessment, job skills, development, job readiness training, job search and job placement support.

Labor Market Information:
Successful completion of the program prepares participants for jobs such as housekeepers, day porters, room attendants, environmental services aides, utility workers, and more in industries including contract work, health care, hotel, retail, and food/restaurant. The schedule for this type of work may include evenings and weekends.

Program Model:
Assessment Services
The following tools may be used to assess participants for placement into the program:

  • Pre-evaluation assessment of assistive technology needs
  • Personal interview with training staff and housekeeping management
  • Analysis of prior work experience and transferable skills
  • Preference and interest inventories

Job Skills Training
Participants will learn skills that will enable them to work as a housekeeping employee or transfer the skills to other hospitality positions. Tasks include restroom and office cleaning, dusting, and floor cleaning. This is accomplished through classroom instruction and on-the-job training supported by housekeeping program staff. While in the program, participants are held to the same standards as employees. After completing the training requirements, participants may be placed in externships upon availability to ensure readiness for competitive employment. Participants will be paid minimum wage while participating in the program.

Job Readiness
Participants attend curriculum-based classes aimed at developing appropriate work attitudes, behaviors and skills for employment in environtmental services and housekeeping. With an emphasis in workplace safety and professionalism, modules alternate between cleaning and soft skills, i.e., restroom and office cleaning as well as communication and stress management.

Job Placement and Job Development
After completing the training program, participants will be given guidance and support in applying and interviewing for positions in the environmental services field. They can do so through Goodwill’s Career Service Center or through funder-supported job placement services.

Job Coaching/Case Management Services
Job Coaching may be provided to assist individuals with identifying potential employers, scheduling and attending interviews, and exploring transportation options. Continued support will be determined on a case by case basis. Services include: adapting to the work environment; securing transportation; counseling regarding work-related skills; and, accessing resources necessary to maintain employment.

Program Completion:
Training Objectives:
Participants will demonstrate the following:

  • Skills: Participants will demonstrate their ability to perform basic entry level housekeeping tasks and represent themselves in a professional manner in order to obtain an entry level position.
  • Workplace Competencies: Interpersonal awareness, communication, teamwork/cooperation, analytical thinking, decision making, self-management, adaptability, safety awareness.
  • Knowledge: OSHA Hazard Communication Standards, Blood Borne Pathogens Awareness, effective cleaning techniques, and everyday problem-solving strategies.

Course Completion Requirements:
Participants are expected to demonstrate an understanding of a cleaning sequence and procedure with the use of methods and accommodations fitted for each individual.

Eligibility and Service Availability
Individuals who have the goal and motivation to obtain and retain competitive employment in an environmental services position, and who have been screened and referred by an overseeing funding agency or service provider, may apply to this program. Final determinations are made after completing an application and interview with the housekeeping management and staff. The individual’s start date is determined by training position availability.

To learn more, contact:

Goodwill’s Welcome Center
Phone: 1-877-499-3526

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