What is YouthWorks Mentors?

YouthWorks Mentors program provides youth between the ages of 12-17 with a career mentor. Youth will obtain career readiness, attend job tours and receive life skills training.

How does YouthWorks Mentors work?

Youth will learn:

  • Interviewing skills
  • How to dress for success
  • Communication skills
  • How to handle challenges in the workplace

What are the benefits of YouthWorks Mentors?

Mentors will help youth:

  • Determine options for life after high school graduation
  • Create a career plan
  • Set goals for the current academic school year

Youth will also have the opportunity to participate in a service learning project, which helps create leadership skills and community involvement.

Who is eligible for YouthWorks Mentors?

Youth must be between the ages of 12 and 17 who want to learn about careers and prepare for success.

Who to contact:

Call: 412-281-6629 

Are you an adult who's interested in becoming a mentor for YouthWorks Mentors?

Click here to learn about mentoring opportunities.

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