What is Elderberry Junction?

Elderberry Junction provides opportunities in the community for active adults with intellectual disabilities. 

How does Elderberry Junction work?

Through the provision of this service, individuals will acquire, maintain and improve skills necessary to live in the community, to live more independently, or to be more productive and participatory in community life. Support is provided in the areas of self-care, personal adjustment, socialization, fine and gross motor skills, and use of community resources. 

Who is eligible for Elderberry Junction? 

Individuals who meet the following requirements are eligible to particiapte: 

  • Have a documented diagnosis of ID/DD 
  • Meet with Elderberry Junction staff 
  • Are able to travel to Lawrenceville site/Hub at their own expense 
  • Willing to become involved on a scheduled basis 
  • Meet at Lawrenceville site/Hub where transportation will be provided to and from for all community activities 
  • Ability to perform basic Activities of Daily Living Skills (ADL’s) independently 
  • Independence in mobility 

Participants may private pay or may be referred by Supports Coordination Units and are funded by waiver programs available through the Allegheny County Office of Intellectual Disability (OID). 

W-5995 Community Participation Service 

Service Availability:

Start date determined by availability of openings within the program.

Who to contact:

Nicole Weber, Program Manager, Vocational Training
Phone: 412-632-1914
Email: nicole.weber@goodwillswpa.org

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