The Goodwill Tech Academy offers a variety of workshops that allow our learners to receive real-time instruction from expert staff with corresponding practice exercises containing real-world examples. Most of our workshops are presented in one-hour virtual sessions and only require access to an internet-enabled device. Topics in both our Digital Tools Boot Camp and Microsoft Intensive Courses are presented every month and can be attended more than once. And best of all, these workshops are free to attend!

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Digital Tools Boot Camp:

These free four-session recurring webinar topics cover the basics of popular computer applications, especially those found in the workplace. Attendance at all four sessions is not required.

Microsoft Office:

Learn about the different productivity applications provided by Microsoft Office and practice the basics of using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. If you do not have Microsoft Office on your computer, we will show you how to access Microsoft Office Online for free during our first session.

  • Session 1 – Intro to Microsoft Office: Overview of popular Office applications and set up Microsoft Office Online.
  • Session 2 – Microsoft Word Basics: Create and format a Word document.
  • Session 3 – Microsoft Excel Basics: Use an Excel workbook to display information.
  • Session 4 – Microsoft PowerPoint Basics: Create a PowerPoint presentation.

Google Apps:

Explore some of the tools provided by the Google Apps platform, including Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Docs. If you do not have a Google account, we will show you how to create one to access the Google Apps platform during our first session.

  • Session 1 – Intro to Google Apps: Overview of popular Google apps and Google account set-up.
  • Session 2 – Gmail Basics: Learn the basic navigation and features using the Gmail email service.
  • Session 3 – Google Drive Basics: Organize and share with cloud storage.
  • Session 4 – Google Docs Basics: Create and format a Google document.

Microsoft Intensive Courses: 

If you are comfortable with using the basics of Microsoft Office, we offer additional webinar classes at the intermediate and advanced levels for Word and Excel.

  • Word Intermediate: Create tables, borders, footers/headers, text boxes, and more.
  • Word Advanced: Learn about mail merge for letters and envelopes, adding images, tracking changes, and more.
  • Excel Intermediate: Discover formatting features to visually improve your spreadsheets.
  • Excel Advanced: Understand how functions and formulas can assist in analyzing and manipulating data.

Special Topics

In addition to our recurring workshop series, we regularly offer opportunities to learn about a broader range of digital tools through our Special Topics series. Past topics have included Practical Budgeting with Excel, Managing an Unruly Inbox, Planning with Google Calendar, and more. New topics are regularly announced through our monthly newsletter, so sign up here to be the first to know!

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