What is the Union Station Clubhouse? 

Union Station Clubhouse is a community. More than a program or social service, the Clubhouse is a community of people who are working towards a common goal to get their lives back!

How does the Union Station Clubhouse work?

The Clubhouse offers people living with mental illness hope and opportunities to reach their full potential. It operates on proven Standards which have been developed by Clubhouse International and that are used in over 330 Clubhouses worldwide. The basic components of the Clubhouse are:

  • A Work-Ordered Day: The structure of day-to-day activity within the Clubhouse is organized to help members develop self-esteem, confidence and friendships, which make up the foundation of the recovery process. Members and staff work side by side.
  • Employment Programs ensure that Clubhouses offer members organized, effective strategies for moving into and maintaining gainful employment. Members have access to both transitional employment programs and supported and independent employment programs.
  • Evening, Weekend and Holiday Social and Recreational Activities: In addition to work opportunities, members and staff together organize structured and non-structured social activities.
  • Community Support: Help is given to members in acquiring and keeping affordable and dignified housing, psychiatric and general medical services, government disability benefits and any other needed services.
  • Reach Out: Part of the daily work of the Clubhouse involves keeping in contact with all active members. When a member does not attend the Clubhouse or is in the hospital a “reach-out” telephone call or visit is made. Each member is reminded that he or she is missed, and welcome and needed at the Clubhouse.
  • Education: Many Clubhouse members have had to interrupt their educational plans because of their mental illness. The Clubhouse offers members effective opportunities to complete their education.
  • Housing: Safe, decent, dignified housing is a right of all members. The Clubhouse helps members to access quality housing.
  • Decision-Making: Decision-making and governance are an important part of the Clubhouse work. Members and staff meet in open forums to discuss policy issues and future planning for the Clubhouse.

Who is eligible for the Union Station Clubhouse?

Any Fayette County resident who is 18 years of age or older with a primary mental health diagnosis is eligible for referral to Union Station Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is not a drop-in center. 

Union Station Clubhouse Quality Improvement Plan

Click here to read the Union Station Clubhouse Quality Improvement Plan.

Who to contact: 

Scott Bombach

Phone: 724-439-9311
Website: unionstationclubhouse.com

Licensed by the PA Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS).

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