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The winter weather is having a negative impact on donations to Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania.  As a result, Goodwill is making an appeal to the public to make a special effort right now to donate gently used clothing, shoes and jackets to the nearest Goodwill store.

“Our donations often go down in the winter months and this year is no exception,” said Michael Smith, Goodwill’s President/CEO. “Even though this hasn’t been a very severe winter so far, we are feeling the impact at Goodwill and our stores are getting really low on clothing and other donated items.”

 Mr. Smith said donations are the life-blood of Goodwill stores, which represent over half of the operating revenues for the diversified human services agency.

 “Goodwill stores help the community in two important ways,” he said.  “Revenue from the stores helps to sustain the important programs and services that Goodwill provides for people with special needs and those who face barriers to employment. Your donations literally help to create jobs.  Our stores also help customers on very tight budgets stretch their dollars and purchase items for their families’ needs." 

In addition to clothing, Goodwill also needs donations of housewares, books, furniture and jewelry, as well as cars, computers and other electronic equipment.

Find the nearest store location at and donate to Goodwill today.

 “The community is always very generous and helps by donating to Goodwill throughout the year.” Mr. Smith said. “But right now, Goodwill really needs help from the community more than usual.”      


About Goodwill SWPA

Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania is a diversified human service agency that is supported, in part, by its network of retail stores and other nonprofit businesses. It serves all of southwestern Pennsylvania and manages several affiliate units and special-purpose entities, including Goodwill of Fayette County; Goodwill of North Central West Virginia; Goodwill Commercial Services, Inc.; and Goodwill Housing. Goodwill SWPA operates 31 retail stores and several other businesses to help fund programs and to provide job training and related services to help clients overcome various barriers to employment. 

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