Donate Computers 
Goodwill solicits donations of “retired” computers from businesses, schools and other organizations, both large and small. When upgrading to new systems, finding a way to dispose of large quantities of old computers can be an economic and environmental challenge.  Click here to learn more
Become a Donation Site
Did you know the average American sends more than 70 pounds of clothing and linens to landfill each year? By offering an alternative to trash disposal, the Goodwill goBIN™ allows property managers to reduce trash disposal costs by removing textiles from the building waste stream and provides a convenient and tidy place to donate items. The smart sensor inside the goBIN pings Goodwill for pickup before the bin reaches capacity, avoiding unsightly overflow.  
To learn more about becoming a donation site, please contact Bryan Engel, Donations Acquisition Coordinator, at (412) 632-1876 or
Give Financial Support
There are many convenient ways to offer financial support to Goodwill.  Whether your business sponsors one of our signature events or takes advantage of the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC), giving to Goodwill supports job training and education for people in your community.  Click here to learn more about corporate giving
Commercial Donations 
Goodwill welcomes large volume corporate and commercial donations such as returns, discontinued styles, end-of-season merchandise, overstocks, open packages or boxes, carryovers, one of a kind, display models, limited quantities of office furniture and equipment, hotel room furnishings, restaurant equipment, etc.