Our Values

“I believe that being a part of a team, working together and striving towards one goal is amazing. It’s beautiful to see teamwork happen.”

Watch to see our values in everyday actions


Goodwill is for everyone.

We believe people should be valued for who they are and that diversity makes us stronger. We benefit from the unique perspectives and lived experiences of each individual.


We work together.

Everything we do is in service of our communities. Individuals and families benefit from our employment, training, and businesses. We value partnerships and relationships that support meaningful work for participants, employers, volunteers and employees.


We exceed expectations.

We consistently seek improvement in all that we do. We take great pride and draw energy from the professional quality of our work.


We act with integrity.

Our words and actions are honest, genuine, and fair. We can be counted on to speak truthfully and act respectfully. We do what we say and we do the right thing.


We help people.

We work hand-in-hand to share our hearts and minds to empower and encourage to improve people’s lives, while respecting individual choice. We are faithful stewards of our communities and our planet.


We own the outcome.

We take responsibility for our performance and expect others to do the same. Our decisions balance heart and intuition with data and knowledge. We celebrate our successes and grow from our failures.


We listen, we connect, we empower.

We connect people to possibilities – participants to services, donors to opportunities, shoppers to goods, businesses to solutions and employees to experiences. The collective energy and intelligence of all gives us greater capacity to learn and grow.


We see people for their potential.

Each person has the capability to become the best they can be. We support sustainable economic opportunities to develop and promote the worth of the individual. We respect diversity and choice, independence and dignity for all people.