Tech Academy Pathways

Unsure where to begin improving your computer skills? Check out the pathways below for recommendations on what programs and services may be the best fit for you.

Introductory Learners

If you find yourself intimidated at the thought of using a computer, we recommend beginning with our seven-week Basic Computer Course. You’ll learn how to use a mouse efficiently, recognize different devices and their parts, navigate an operating system, communicate by email, and more. Once you have completed this course, you will then be set to jump into our recurring webinar workshops or pursue one of our individualized tracks.

Everyday Users

If you find yourself on a computer regularly but want to become more proficient at the software and tools used in the workplace, check out our recurring webinar series. Discover the tools available in the highly popular Microsoft and Google productivity suites. Also, consider joining us for one of our specialty webinars on topics such as Budgeting with Excel, Planning with Google Calendar, and Introduction to PivotTables.

Tech Enthusiasts

If you want to break into the tech industry but aren’t sure where to begin, consider our CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ eight-week training program. During this course, learn the foundations of areas such as hardware, software, and security, and discover what career paths may interest you.

Additional Resources:

In our quest to make technology accessible and inclusive for our communities, we help individuals navigate the many resources available for those looking for affordable internet access, free or low-cost devices, training opportunities, and more.

For more information about the resources available to you, please contact
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