Helping to make basic needs obtainable for all.

Goodwill offers a variety of community services supporting our mission of helping people who face barriers to employment. Check out our subpages for more information on specific services.

Community Services

Fatherhood FIRE (Family-Focused, Interconnected, Resilient, & Essential)

Helping people find stability and independence through supportive housing.

Goodwill’s Housing Programs are dedicated to helping individuals and families experiencing homelessness move into permanent housing. Our experienced and qualified staff provides customized service delivery to address the specific needs of each person, with a focus on achieving a rapid shift to independence.

Our program is unique due to the size and scope of available services.

Goodwill’s program is unique because we have strategic partnerships that allow our clients to access a broad range of services and support through multiple funding streams, community organizations, government entities, educational institutions, physical and mental health providers, income support providers, and employers.
From high school equivalency classes, English-as-a-second-language classes, computer classes, job search and placement services, and more, we are dedicated to bridging the gap and helping people overcome barriers to employment and self-sufficiency.

Housing Services