In everything we do, Goodwill renews!

We have focused our efforts to be as "green" as possible throughout all of our operations. Through use of our Class-G certification, our stores and facilities are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Click here to learn more about Class-G.

Goodwill’s extra-effort approach to conservational responsibility:

Widely recognized as a leader in re-use and recycling, Goodwill SWPA employs a broad range of operational practices to minimize our environmental impact of the tons of donated items we receive but cannot sell.

In 2017 alone, we kept over 16 million pounds of unsellable donations out of the landfill.

Our proactive approach to recycling has generated more than $20 million in revenues to help offset the costs of disposing of donated material that cannot be sold.

Saleable vs. Non-saleable
The nearly 150,000 pounds of donated materials that Goodwill receives every day can be divided broadly into two categories:

  • Saleable items that we can potentially sell in our stores – such as apparel, housewares, books, shoes, etc. Saleable items that are not purchased after a few weeks on the sales floor are recycled.
  • Non-saleable items that are not suitable for sale because they are damaged or otherwise incompatible with our quality standards, including cardboard and scrap metals. Non-saleable materials are recycled immediately.

Over the past five years, our extra-effort approach to conservational responsibility has kept an estimated 460,000 cubic yards of material out of landfills, the equivalent of nearly 3,000 tractor trailer truck loads.

Goodwill Computer Donations

The Reconnect Pittsburgh alliance with Dell is a comprehensive computer recovery, reuse and environmentally responsible program that combines Goodwill’s donation and retail infrastructure with the recycling experience and resources of Dell. Goodwill collects donated computers and transfers selected equipment to a Dell product recovery partner with proceeds coming back to Goodwill. Proceeds support Goodwill's job-training and education programs to help people improve their quality of life through work and related services. Click here for more information on Dell Reconnect.

Fayette Recycling Center

The Fayette Recycling Center has processed more than 100 million pounds of recyclable materials since 1997, including aluminum cans, tin cans, glass, plastic, cardboard, newspaper and, high-grade office paper.  That's nearly 12,500 pounds per day!

Keeping with Goodwill’s mission, the Center continues to provide employment and training opportunities for workers, many who are disabled or disadvantaged, while helping Fayette County meet its state mandates for recycling and helping to preserve its environment. 

The Recycling Center is located at 105 Romeo Lane, Uniontown,  PA 15401.  (Next to 84 Lumber)

For information on recycling or how you can get involved, please call Goodwill Recycling Center at 724-437-9987.  For questions or problems relating to service, call the Recycling Hotline at 724-430-4884.

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