Every Friday, we share a new success story on our Facebook page. By the end of 2021, we will have 52 weeks of Goodwill! We are celebrating the many lives impacted by our mission to provide job training and education to people with barriers to employment. We are celebrating change, uplifting lives, and cheering on our participants!

Below are just a few of the stories we’ve shared so far. Follow us on Facebook for more!

Meet Nyesha

Nyesha first came to Goodwill as a program participant in our EARN program, and she immediately stood out because of her sunny smile and attitude. In November 2020, she was hired as a receptionist at the EARN McKeesport office.

Nyesha completed two Goodwill credentialing programs, graduating from the CVS Retail Skills Training as well as the Customer Service & Sales Training. In each class, she could always be counted on for energetic participation and insightful feedback! Nyesha also recently obtained her PA driver’s license.

In her down time, Nyesha and her two children spend as much time as possible with the rest of their tight-knit family (they particularly enjoy bowling!). Nyesha is glad to be a part of a supportive team in her new job. She sees this career move as an opportunity to help others while working toward achieving her personal and professional goals!

To learn more about Goodwill's EARN and Work Ready programs: https://www.goodwillswpa.org/earn

Meet Emily

Emily was living in the Midwest but had dreamed of moving to Pittsburgh for some time. Before making the big move, however, she wanted to secure full-time employment.

Since Goodwill moved its Career Services online due to COVID-19, Emily was able to turn to Goodwill for support in her job search. Emily received expert advice and proofreading for her resume and cover letter via email, and participated in a mock interview via Zoom. These free services prepared Emily to interview for and accept her preferred position, which she successfully negotiated pay for thanks to additional advice from Goodwill!

To see all the virtual services that Goodwill’s Career Services Center has to offer, including services with PA CareerLink, visit www.goodwillswpa.org/careerservices

Meet Eliot

Eliot works in Goodwill’s e-books department, scanning books that are then sold online. Before he came to Goodwill to work, Eliot went through Goodwill’s transition services program for high school students with disabilities. They helped prepare him for employment, and even hooked him up with a virtual mock interview experience so he was fully prepared when he interviewed for his job in e-books!

In his free time, Eliot spends time with his family. He also likes to walk his dog, Inigo, to the local comic book shop where he spends his Goodwill paychecks. Eliot is also a brain cancer survivor.

Eliot’s parents had this to say about his experience with Goodwill: “They not only set up a [job] overview but did an interview and a coaching session. He got the job and he’s been working 25-30 hours a week and it’s been 3 weeks. He just got his first review with all good reports. The team is SO supportive of young adults with disabilities!”

Meet Josiah

Josiah got his GED! Josiah started online GED classes with Goodwill in October 2020. The classes helped him sharpen his skills so we could take his GED test with confidence. He passed his test at the beginning of March 2021 and immediately afterward began a new $15/hour job with Amazon. Congrats, Josiah, on your hard work and dedication!

Learn more about Goodwill’s education programs by clicking here: www.goodwillswpa.org/education

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