Every Friday, we share a new success story on our Facebook page. By the end of 2021, we will have 52 weeks of Goodwill! We are celebrating the many lives impacted by our mission to provide job training and education to people with barriers to employment. We are celebrating change, uplifting lives, and cheering on our participants!

Below are just a few of the stories we’ve shared so far. Follow us on Facebook for more!

Meet Devin

Devin came to Goodwill one year ago to take free GED classes. Goodwill’s live online classes allowed him to parent and take classes at the same time. While he was in class, his support team recommended him to Goodwill’s YouthWorks program for job training.

Once enrolled in YouthWorks, Devin hit the ground running. He was able to take each of the GED practice tests at no cost and passed each test in the first attempt. Within a matter of a week, Devin started Goodwill’s retail training program, passed his National Retail Federation Foundation Customer Service & Sales Certification, and completed his GED.

Devin’s story is an example of how Goodwill teams work together to support our participants in every way we can. We are here for you at every step on your way to employment!

Learn more about everything Goodwill has to offer at https://www.goodwillswpa.org/programs-and-services

Meet Snowden

Snowden is soft-spoken and comes across as shy. However, once you get to know him, you realize that he's just a very relaxed and easy-going kind of guy with a really great sense of humor!

Snowden joined Aspire to improve his level of independence with activities of daily living and independent living skills. He also expressed an interest in being involved in the community and wanted more social interaction with his peers. Snowden has expressed a liking to the Food Service industry and especially enjoys participating in the cooking activities in Aspire.

When he's not in Aspire, Snowden enjoys basketball, cooking, video games, music, martial arts, and hanging out with his friends. When you ask him about his family, he quickly offers that his Mom and his grandmother are the most important people in his life. Goodwill is thrilled to have Snowden in our Aspire program!

Learn more about Goodwill's Aspire program at https://www.goodwillswpa.org/aspire 

Meet Denise, Richard, and Their Family

Denise, Richard, and their family received a Goodwill Give Back Card through Allegheny Family Network, which they used to purchase school clothes for their kids, including winter boots, jackets, and coats to prepare for fall and winter. Denise said, “This is a wonderful program, and we are blessed by having this assistance. It will give me and the children’s father peace of mind that the children are appropriately clothed for the winter, and they will have a great time starting back to school.”

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Goodwill partnered with over 50 organizations across Southwestern Pennsylvania and North Central West Virginia to distribute $200,000 in Goodwill Give Back Cards to their participants. Through these partnerships, individuals and families in need received Give Back Cards to use at any Goodwill thrift store in our region.

To learn more about Goodwill's Give Back Program visit https://www.goodwillswpa.org/give-back

Meet Francesca

Congratulations to Francesca! Francesca came to Goodwill in April 2020 for free GED classes. She took classes while working and passed all of the subject exams quickly. She hopes to go on to Bidwell for their Horticulture program. We can’t wait to see what she accomplishes!

To learn more about Goodwill's education programs, visit https://www.goodwillswpa.org/education

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