What are Assistive Technology Services?

Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania’s Assistive Technology Services help people with disabilities find the tools to live, work, and learn more independently.

What is Assistive Technology?

“Assistive technology” refers to any item that helps individuals with disabilities perform tasks that may otherwise be difficult or impossible. Some assistive technology products are high-tech and specialized, such as screen magnification software that allows people with vision loss to use their computers. Other products are low-tech and can be store-bought, like pencil grips for someone with arthritis.

What types of Assistive Technology Services are available?

  • Individualized Evaluation - The Assistive Technology Program can help determine the most appropriate accommodation to meet an individual’s needs, whether it is a type of assistive technology or device, a modification to the environment, or a change in a work process.
  • Information & Referral Services - Individuals may know what type of technology or accommodation would help them but need more information on how to obtain it. The Assistive Technology Program can provide information on funding sources, product vendors, and other helpful resources.
  • Training - After an appropriate device is acquired, the Assistive Technology Program will ensure it is set up properly and that the individual can use it confidently.
  • Technical Support - Once the individual is comfortable using the device or accommodations, follow-up support may be necessary to ensure the equipment is in working order over time.
  • Equipment Demonstrations & Trials - Individuals can visit our Assistive Technology Lab to explore how assistive technology might benefit them. We provide demonstrations of devices from our equipment inventory and offer hands-on opportunities for individuals to determine if a particular product meets their needs.

Who is eligible for Assistive Technology Services? 

Individualized Assistive Technology Services are available to individuals who:

  • Are referred from a Goodwill SWPA program they are currently participating in, from a third party vendor, or private pay.
  • Have a disability or barrier that makes it difficult to complete certain tasks or activities.
  • Are willing to explore the possibilities of using assistive devices, adaptive aids, or accommodations to meet their needs & achieve their goals.

Service Availability:

Assistive Technology Services are appointment-based dependent on the participant’s availability.

Who to contact: 

Goodwill's Welcome Center
Phone: 1-877-499-3526
Email: welcome@goodwillswpa.org 


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