HIRE Me is a work readiness program that gives youth the skills they need in order to identify and pursue their goals. The program is administered by YouthWorks staff with an in-person option or through the use of a web-based platform that youth can access virtually.

The program utilizes YouthWorks’ premier work readiness curriculum, JumpStart Success, which is a fully customizable curriculum aligned with the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Academic Standards for Career Education and Work. 

With this powerful program, youth discover their interests and talents, identify promising career paths, and conduct successful job searches. And, they gain the soft skills needed to get a job and keep it!

HIRE Me provides immediate benefits to students:

  • Clarify career interests and explore relevant careers with a written career plan
  • Enhances communication and customer service skills
  • Prepare for a job search and practice key interview techniques
  • Develop a resume and write winning thank-you letters
  • Gain insight into workplace etiquette and culture

The program consists of modules that can be tailored and expanded based on your organization’s needs and structure. Visit www.youthworksinc.org for more information on JumpStart Success. 

To learn more about pricing and customization options, call 412-670-8570 or email tiffanee.heywood@goodwillswpa.org

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