If you struggle in a group setting or your schedule doesn’t align with the workshop you want to attend, consider enrolling in one of our individualized pathways. These one-on-one appointments, either in-person at our Workforce Development Center in Lawrenceville or virtual via Zoom, are designed to help you achieve your digital skills goals through scheduled meetings with an instructor. If you're interested in an individualized pathway, contact our Welcome Center at 1-877-499-3526 or welcome@goodwillswpa.org.

What to Expect:

While subject to change due to the instructor’s schedule, appointments occur roughly every two weeks. Time and date for the following appointment will be determined at the conclusion of each session.

During your first appointment with the instructor, you will begin by meeting with our Welcome Center staff to complete an intake. We want to do our best to help improve your quality of life by ensuring you have access to necessary resources and supports.

After meeting with the Welcome Center, you and your instructor will discuss your goals for learning new computer skills to determine your individualized pathway. Based upon the information you share, the appointment will be tailored to your specific needs. This may include completing digital literacy assessments to measure current knowledge, explaining technology concepts and terminology, or providing hands-on practice with program applications.

Pathway Options:

Job Seeker Pathway

  • The Job Seeker pathway is ideal for those who are currently seeking employment. This pathway includes built-in opportunities to meet with Goodwill’s Career Services team to identify your career goals and pair the job application process with learning new computer skills.

Personal Growth Pathway

  • If you’re interested in learning new digital skills to better connect with your friends, family, and community, consider joining the Personal Growth pathway. This pathway can help you feel comfortable using your phone, sending emails, identifying online scams, and more.  

Employment Upskilling Pathway

  • The Employment Upskilling pathway helps individuals feel more confident in their computer skills at work. Learn how to efficiently manage your inbox, practice data entry skills, participate in virtual meetings, and more.

How to Enroll:

Contact our Welcome Center at 1-877-499-3526 or welcome@goodwillswpa.org.

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